VINS expands “Birds are Dinosaurs” exhibit

VINS expands “Birds are Dinosaurs” exhibit


“Anchiornis” was created specifically for VINS’ exhibit “Birds are Dinosaurs,” by paleo-artist Todd Marshall.

QUECHEE — The Vermont Institute of Natural Science has expanded its exciting, new exhibit, “Birds are Dinosaurs,” by adding a Pteranodon model with a ten-foot wing span, a Velociraptor model, and a Velociraptor Freeze in the form of a wall hanging. In addition, the exhibit now includes a Velociraptor dig in which one can pretend to be a paleontologist discovering the fossil.

The exhibit, which runs through the end of October, traces the amazing story of how birds evolved from dinosaurs. Admission includes the exhibit.

For more information, visit or call 802-359-5000.

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