State News
July 2, 2015

Vermont-NEA endorses Sanders for president

By Jess Wisloski,

Vermont’s largest union has joined the ranks of unions nationwide that are endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in his run for president. The Vermont National Education Association, which represents teachers and education workers across the state, issued a statement in support of Sanders’ bid for the Democratic nomination for president.

“Bernie’s core values are in line with ours: he is pro-family, pro-worker, pro-education and pro-labor and we believe the time has come for his vision to become a national reality,” said Martha Allen, the organization’s president and a K-12 librarian from Canaan, in a news release.

Vermont-NEA, with 12,000 members, is the state’s largest union and represents educators located in “virtually every town in Vermont,” according to a statement by the union. The group has been a longtime supporter of Sanders, his campaign said.

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