September 11, 2014

Two September holes-in-one made at Okemo Valley Golf Course

LUDLOW – September is off to a rousing start for golfers making holes-in-one at Okemo Valley Golf Club.

On Sept. 3, Serge Tarasenko, of Adirondack, N.Y., aced the 14th hole from the white tee using his 7-wood. The 156-yard hole-in-one was witnessed by Bev Van Buren.

Lynn Avery, a new OVGC member from Palm City, Fla., aced the 8th hole at Okemo Valley using her 8-iron on Sept. 4. The 122-yard hole-in-one from the gold tee was witnessed by Ruth Schamback.

The names of both golfers will be engraved on a plaque that hangs inside the Okemo Valley Golf Club clubhouse to honor those who have made a hole-in-one at OVGC. In addition, Avery will receive a year’s supply of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi for acing the Pepsi-sponsored 8th hole.

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