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October 9, 2019

The draconic astrology system

By Cal Garrison

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of an Aquarius Moon. My oldest daughter was born with the sun, the moon and a slew of planets in Aquarius. I always pay attention to things during the moon’s monthly trip through this sign. It reminds me to remind her that she is having what is known as a lunar return, and to tell her to pay attention to new influences that will be building up in her life for the next 48 hours, and over the course of the next 28-day period.

The Aquarius Moon reminds me to pay more attention to my own life as well. Why? Because even though my natal or tropical chart shows that I am a Virgo with an Aries Moon, in what is known as the draconic system, I am a Leo with an Aquarius Moon. If all of this is news to you, draconic astrology goes all the way back to Babylonian times and probably even further. In the modern era, it was Edgar Cayce who resurrected this system. It first came to my attention back in the late 1960s when I started studying Cayce and his work.

As some of you know, Edgar Cayce was a seer and a prophet. Known as ‘The Sleeping Prophet,” he did all of his readings in a trance or a dream state. Whenever he channeled for people, more often than not, he included an astrological analysis. After the fact, when these channelings were reviewed, it became apparent that the positions of the signs and the planets in Cayce’s readings bore no resemblance to any of the signs and planetary positions in the tropical charts.

When asked about this, Cayce explained that he was using a different system of calculation. In the draconic system, the planets and angles in the tropical chart are recalculated. Their positions are adjusted according to the distance in degrees between the North Node of the moon, and what is known as the Aries Point. That interval is added to or subtracted from every planet and point in the birth chart. The result is the draconic horoscope. According to Cayce, if the tropical chart outlines the issues of the personality and the ego in any given incarnation, the draconic chart maps out the individual’s karmic or spiritual concerns.

One could say that the draconic horoscope is the soul map.

If this seems a little too aerie-faerie, it is not. When the draconic chart is superimposed over the tropical horoscope, a secondary set of aspects is formed that reveal a great deal about a person. It is also the case that when analyzing transits and progressions or even points in a solar return, the aspects that are formed to the draconic chart will yield tremendous insight into an individual and their issues at any given point in time.

Hard transits to the draconic chart could be seen as spiritual milestones, points in time where the lessons hit a little harder and evoke changes that go a lot deeper.

Anyone who decides to get their chart read would do well to ask the astrologer to talk to them about their draconic horoscope. It’s a good idea to know about these things, if only to be reminded that life isn’t just about our mundane concerns. Beyond all of that we have a soul, and that aspect of our consciousness has a purpose that transcends whatever the personality thinks it’s doing here. Over time, once an individual gets past the distractions that keep us focused on outer things, the draconic chart becomes more important, more of a touchstone that guides us closer to our higher self. Let me leave you with that and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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