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News Briefs
March 22, 2017

Vermont journalist inducted into VSC Hall of Fame

Last week the Vermont State Colleges inducted its second alumni Hall of Fame class and raised thousands of dollars for student scholarships at its annual VSC Hall of Fame ceremony. Darren Perron was honored as the second Castleton alumnus inducted into the VSC Hall of…

State News
March 22, 2017

Coyote hunting in Vermont is weighed

By Gaen Murphree

Motivated by constituent outrage over unregulated coyote hunting, some Legislators are asking state wildlife officials to rethink Vermont’s open season on the canine predator. “Coyotes are important animals, not vermin to be attacked,” said Rep. Jim McCullough, D-Williston. “They’re important ‘people’ that…

Op - Ed
March 8, 2017

Let the sun shine in!

By Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos

An open government makes for a better government. This is Sunshine Week and it is being celebrated all across the nation.4.1×7  In reality, it should be celebrated every week – not just this week – in Vermont and every…

Sugaring season is off to a promising start
March 8, 2017

Sugaring season is off to a promising start

Governor Scott officially opens Vermont’s “sweetest season” The unseasonably warm days and crisp nights through February have had the sap gushing, and the 2017 maple season is not only underway but off to a promising start. Last year, Vermont produced almost 2 million gallons of…

Local News
March 8, 2017

Vermont leads nation in solar jobs per capita, again

A new report by The Solar Foundation cites Vermont as a national leader in the solar industry, ranking third for the number of solar jobs per capita. Between 2015 to 2016, solar jobs in Vermont grew by 29 percent, with an additional 400 solar jobs created in the state last…