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Op - Ed
December 29, 2015

The heat in Paris

Limiting global warming to under two degrees

By Deb Markowitz, Secretary, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

The last time I was in Paris, the temperature was unbearable. The country was suffering through a record-setting heat wave that caused the deaths of over 100 people. Needless…

Op - Ed
September 9, 2015

Pope Francis: A day to care for creation

By Deb Markowitz

Last week I had an opportunity to spend some time with an older gentleman who has lived in the hills of Vermont his whole life. As he showed me his land, he shared his belief that more Vermonters are environmental stewards than…

April 8, 2015

Universal recycling — an opportunity for Vermont

By Secretary Deb Markowitz, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

As I’ve been traveling around the state talking with Vermonters about the new universal recycling law, I have met many impressive individuals on the front lines of implementation.

Trevor Mance, founder of TAM…