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Looking Back
April 26, 2018

Playing outdoors in the 1950s

By Mary Ellen Shaw If you grew up in the 50s you probably spent a lot of time outdoors. There were no digital devices to keep your eyes glued to…

Summer reading program boosts literacy
News Briefs
July 27, 2017

Summer reading program boosts literacy

PITTSFORD—On Monday, July 17, Maclure Library, Pittsford Recreation Summer Camp, and Lothrop Elementary School teamed up to treat the children of Pittsford to a storytelling presentation and brand-new books to…

State News
July 19, 2017

Foodbank works to provide summer meals

Nationally, more than 22 million children receive meals through the National School Lunch Program during the school year. But when school is out during the summer, the USDA Summer Food…

Summer House Guests
July 13, 2017

Summer House Guests

By Meghan McCarthy McPhaul Perhaps the phoebe selected her nesting spot during the few days my family was away from home at the end of April. Otherwise, I can’t quite…