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State News
February 27, 2019

Nothing in the middle

By Rep. Jim Harrison The House spent two days this past week debating a wide variety of amendments to H.57, the abortion rights legislation. None of the proposals passed and…

State News
March 22, 2017

Coyote hunting in Vermont is weighed

By Gaen Murphree Motivated by constituent outrage over unregulated coyote hunting, some Legislators are asking state wildlife officials to rethink Vermont’s open season on the canine predator. “Coyotes are important…

State News
January 4, 2017

BROC assists with 3SquaresVT applications

RUTLAND—BROC-Community Action, located at 45 Union St. in Rutland (west of the railroad tracks) is offering information about the 3SquaresVT program and personalized assistance with applications. Staff are ready to…