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March 29, 2017

The family that skis together

By Brett Yates

During the Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Neil Gorsuch, the federal appellate judge from Colorado, Republicans strove to give Donald Trump’s nominee opportunity to present himself as a friendly, well-rounded human being—as opposed to the Constitutional pedant and heartless enforcer of unjust…

March 2, 2016

UVM team working on technique to help skiers find ultimate skis

Undergraduate engineering students at the University of Vermont have teamed up with a professor to find a technique that could help performance skiers select the ultimate pair of skis.

It all started last fall, when UVM senior Elli Terwiel was in professor Eric Hernandez’s course,…

Binding control
Altitude Sickness
February 17, 2016

Binding control

I think I am at 93 days of skiing now for the season; 88 lift service, five uphill.  All in all, with a season as occasionally dismal as this one, I have to say, once again, that the skiing has been great….

January 6, 2016

The Mountain Journal: The 2016 ski collection

Inside the latest technology shaping new skis

By Tony Crespi

Each season the ski industry unveils new ski collections boasting innovative refinements and technological advancements. This season, as example, manufacturers have realized that while many new technologies are extremely light, skis which are too light…