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Local News
January 27, 2016

Neisner files suit against town

By Stephen Seitz

KILLINGTON — Melvin Neisner, Jr.’s dissatisfaction with former town manager Seth Webb has not abated, as evidenced by a lawsuit Neisner filed against the town in the closing days of 2015.

Neisner is asserting that Webb and the town’s board of selectmen…

News Briefs
November 30, 2015

Killington Selectboard Briefs

Selectboard concerns

Chairwoman Patty McGrath addressed citizen questions and misinformation raised regarding Article 5, the highway bond authorization of $1.4 million, voted on at the 2014 Town Meeting.  Citizens at the previous meeting falsely alleged that the bond was supposed to cover the paving of…

Local News
October 15, 2015

Killington Town Manager Seth Webb steps down after six years

Select Board begins search for replacement

By Polly Lynn

KILLINGTON — Killington Town Manager Seth Webb announced Wednesday, Oct. 7, that he was stepping down after being recruited to a new position in the private sector. Webb has been with the town for six years. Webb…

Local News
October 7, 2015

Town Manager will step down…

Town Manager will step down to take new position advising internet startups Select Board announces public search for replacement

After six years with the Town of Killington, Town Manager Seth Webb, announced he was stepping down to take a new position in the private sector….

Local News
July 17, 2015

KPAA drops proposal to contract with the town

By Cristina Kumka

The Killington Pico Area Association has withdrawn its proposal to manage town events and the budget that funds those events.

The contract, proposed in June, would have put the responsibility for non-winter season event recruitment and sponsorship on the newly-formed Killington Pico…