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March 8, 2017

Strong working families mean a strong Vermont

Dear Editor,

As a state legislator, my first responsibility is to stand up for a Vermont that works for all of us. I’m continually looking at what we can do to strengthen Vermont’s economy for future generations. I’m proud to be a lead sponsor of…

Op - Ed
March 30, 2016

Standing by our neighbors

By Rep. Sarah Copeland Hanzas

The Vermont House of Representatives has a proven track record of fighting for Vermont’s working and middle class families. These families are the backbone of the state and deserve a fair shot at success. Every March, the House passes a…

September 25, 2015

Republican House members move farther to the right 

Dear Editor,

Last week, Paul Dame, a first-year Republican Representative from Essex Junction penned an op-ed praising Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s recent visit. Dame touts Senator Paul as the “first candidate to prove how we can build a bigger, better, and bolder party right here…