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Local News
August 15, 2018

City ash trees to come down

By Katy Savage

RUTLAND—Back in the mid-1900s, when Dutch Elm Disease wiped out about 77 million elm trees, Vermont towns started replacing the canopy-like trees that lined streets and public parks with something similar—ash trees.

Now, towns are contemplating how to cut down ash trees…

News Briefs
January 18, 2016

News Briefs: Rutland Region

By Lani Duke


School merger decisions looming ahead at Town Meeting

Town Meeting Day across Vermont gives local communities across the state an opportunity to choose who implements the day-to-day running of towns and school districts. In addition to choosing to fill many…

News Briefs
September 10, 2015

News Briefs: Rutland Region

By Lani Duke


Police chief search narrows

Rutland City has come another step closer to selecting a new police chief as five candidates were scheduled to meet with the local search committee and expert panel September 9 and 10 for in-depth interviews. The five…