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Money Matters
February 14, 2019

Take retirement for a test drive

There are many reasons why people who could retire are hesitant to do so. Some people think they need to wait until they’re 65 or older. Some are worried about running out of money. Many parents want to keep supporting their children through some major…

August 23, 2017

Your changing definition of risk in retirement

By Kevin Theissen

During your accumulation years, you may have categorized your risk as “conservative,” “moderate,” or “aggressive” and that guided how your portfolio was built. Maybe you concerned yourself with finding the “best-performing funds,” even though you knew past performance does not guarantee future…

July 27, 2017

Women and the retirement savings gap

By Kevin Theissen

America Saves, a national campaign that promotes savings, notes significant differences in savings between men and women. A survey showed that women displayed a greater interest in savings, but there was no greater savings effort or savings effectiveness compared to men. But just two years…

May 24, 2017

Eight mistakes that can upend your retirement

By Kevin Theissen

Pursuing your retirement dreams is challenging enough without making some common, and very avoidable, mistakes. Here are eight big mistakes to steer clear of, if possible.

No strategy: Yes, the biggest mistake is having no strategy at all. Without a strategy, you may…

May 5, 2016

Red thanks the community

Thank you to all my dear friends, my family and so many Killington well wishers who came out to celebrate my retirement. I’m touched by the outpouring of kind words and fond memories recalled. My life at Killington has surely been interesting, I always enjoyed…

March 5, 2015

Pay yourself first: an approach to long-term savings

By David E. Raven

Most of us have heard the phrase “pay yourself first” at one time or another when referring to personal savings plans. The idea is simple, designate a portion of your weekly paycheck to automatically go into your personal savings…