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Local farms to give produce to hungry Vermonters
May 9, 2018

Local farms to give produce to hungry Vermonters

By Katy Savage

PAWLET—Laughing Child Farm owners Tim and Brooke Hughes-Muse got into the business to provide healthy, organic food to friends and neighbors.

They focus on one crop on their farm in Pawlet: sweet potatoes. The Hughes-Muses have grown 160,000 pounds of potatoes a…

January 11, 2017

Understanding GMOs, organic and other terms

Dear Editor,

In response to Kyle Finneron’s story “The first 30 days,” published in the Mountain Times Dec. 21-27, which asks if organically grown food is worth the extra money: In most cases, it is not. After extensive testing, which many organic growers claim they…

December 21, 2016

Organic—Is it worth it?

By Kyle Finneron

Organic is a term that I’m sure most people have heard by now. In the early days of organic foods there were only a few vegetables that were available in an organic capacity, but now the list has grown to an excessive…

Op - Ed
September 14, 2016

Go organic, Vt. dairy farmers need new business model

By Roger Allbee The Vermont dairy industry is again reeling from low commodity prices, caused by overproduction, a glut of imports, challenges in our export markets, and poor economic growth. The stark reality is that the current pricing mechanism for non-organic milk, in place since…

News Briefs
November 30, 2015

Vermont Organic Farmers demystify “organic”

In response to requests from certified organic producers to help increase demand for organic products in the marketplace, Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) has developed a collection of outreach materials that explain and support the organic certification process and promote organic products. The materials include a…