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Local News
October 8, 2015

From fun to big business: The HMM Killington connection

By Karen D. Lorentz

This summer and fall, Killington has hosted two events put on by Human Movement, Inc. (HMM).

In July, the Dirty Girls Mud Run, an event owned and operated by HMM, attracted some 5,000 participants and spectators. This weekend Human Movement brings…

Local News
October 2, 2015

Seasonal flavors on tap

KILLINGTON — Let the tastings begin! The first two weekends of October, Killington will be flush with seasonal tastings, hops, eclectic music and a new Bavarian flair.

Brewfest, Oct. 2-3

Brewfest is one of Killington’s most distinctive annual celebrations, and this year the resort has expanded…