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News Briefs
June 18, 2016

2016 Graduations

Killington pre-kindergarten graduation

Speech by Betty Hughes

Good Morning Everyone,

I thank you all for being here with us! What a wonderful gathering-recognizing our youngest students!

These past two years have been busy for me, but I am proud of the…

Local News
April 7, 2016

Early birds save big on next season’s passes

By Karen D. Lorentz

While the effects of a wacko winter—it was unusually warmer, less snowy and more erratic temperature wise than previous weird winters—hasn’t gone by yet, the offer of early-bird season passes is marching on.

Actually, the major ski areas with huge snowmaking…

The Mountain Journal: Livin’ the dream
March 16, 2016

The Mountain Journal: Livin’ the dream

By Robin Alberti

A group of four skiers ride a quad at Killington this past Sunday, March 13. The warm sun made for spring skiing.

By Tony Crespi

The run was steep. The snow, as it has…

Only superpipe in the East now open at Okemo
February 12, 2016

Only superpipe in the East now open at Okemo

Courtesy of Okemo Mountain Resort

A pipe dragon carves out the only superpipe open on the east coast, at Okemo Mountain Resort.

Snowmaking created snow to build 18-foot high, 500-foot long superpipe

LUDLOW – Consistently cold overnight temperatures paired with the…