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June 14, 2017

No apologies

By Brett Yates Why do celebrities ever apologize for anything? What does it do, exactly? Does it ever change anyone’s mind about whatever’s happened? When it comes to people whom…

May 11, 2017

No Mother’s Day for cows

Dear Editor, Last week, The Washington Post published a major expose of the U.S. dairy industry concluding that mega dairies scam consumers into paying extra for “organic” milk that isn’t….

April 5, 2017

Vote “No” on Model 1

Dear Editor, I am a full-time resident of Rochester and would like to continue living here. A decade ago, nobody in town believed we would lose our high school, but…

March 1, 2017

Vote no on article 7

Dear editor, I noted in the recent Killington town report that Article 7 involved a move to return to the town meeting floor vote for public questions. I guess I’m…