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Money Matters
February 14, 2019

Take retirement for a test drive

There are many reasons why people who could retire are hesitant to do so. Some people think they need to wait until they’re 65 or older. Some are worried about…

Money Matters
February 6, 2019

New tax cuts benefit mainly businesses

By Kevin Theissen Tax Cuts and Jobs Act The nature and shape of the nation’s tax system inevitably influences the everyday decisions made by individuals and businesses alike. After the…

Money Matters
August 23, 2018

Income taxes are complex but logical

By Kevin Theissen The Internal Revenue Service estimates that taxpayers and businesses spend 6.1 billion hours per year complying with tax-filing requirements. To put this into perspective, if all this…

Money Matters
March 30, 2018

Password Protection Strategies

By Kevin Theissen Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn—they’ve all fallen prey to hackers who exposed passwords and other personal information for hundreds of thousands of their users. If you haven’t yet had your…

October 11, 2017

Will power: let them know

By Kevin Theissen According to a recent report, only 34 percent of American’s have a will, which may not be entirely surprising. No one wants to be reminded of their…