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News Briefs
July 5, 2017

Doctor arrested for prescription, Medicaid fraud

A former Rutland doctor has been arrested for multiple violations of prescription and Medicaid fraud. Police said in a press release Dr. Mark Logan, owner of Green Mountain Family Medicine, a Suboxone prescriber in Rutland City, was was engaged in criminal fraud for several years…

Local News
February 9, 2016

Budget summary: Shumlin proposes priorities

Shumlin delivered his sixth balanced budget to the Legislature on Jan. 21, highlighting the fact that it does not raise income, sales, or rooms and meals tax rate, while closing a $68 million budget gap and is the first since 2009 that does not to…

Local News
February 3, 2016

Shumlin outlines details of “all payer” model

On Monday, Jan. 25, Gov. Peter Shumlin, his senior health care advisors, and Green Mountain Care Board Chair Al Gobeille released details of how Vermont will seek to transform its health care system under the so-called “all payer model” from one that rewards fee-for-service, quantity-driven…

February 5, 2015

Why we should fix the Medicaid cost shift

By Governor Peter Shumlin

It wouldn’t make much sense if you were charged $1.40 for a cup of coffee only to find the person in line behind you was charged 60 cents for the same order. Yet that’s how medical services are paid…