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September 28, 2016

Race report: Peak Gnarly Adventure and Six-Hour Challenge

By Matt Baatz

Six-Hour Challenge The first wave of intrepid racers lined up on the top of Tweed. Downpours in the wee hours of the morning were enough to make the course, henceforth known as the “gnarled albatross” for the route’s peculiar resemblance to a…

September 7, 2016

The hills are alive

By: Matt Baatz

Your mom just handed you your first box of crayons. I’m betting one of the first things you draw is a big yellow sun with a smiley face benevolently spreading warmth over your world. Then you spend the next 15 to 20…

August 31, 2016

How to build a trail

By Matt Baatz Scouting Scan the terrain when the vegetation is waning. Bushwack. Get lost. Find the chunks of terrain that make your heart skip a beat—a rideable ledge, a swoopy piece of old road that you can modify, a rocky chute, a bermable turn….

August 24, 2016

Going up the Rabbit Hole

By Matt Baatz A small tree upended and took out a chunk of Rabbit Hole, an unmapped and lightly-signed trail, but popular nevertheless. It’s a pretty freakin’ rippin’ ride down, so the day I was backfilling the damage it was a curious sight to see…

Switching Gears
August 10, 2016

I did not build the Green Mountain Trails

By Matt Baatz PITTSFIELD—I did not build the Green Mountain Trails. For the longest time I wanted to go on public record with that statement dispelling this absurd rumor. I’m not sure when or how it started, but I know it’s out there and I’m…

Matt Baatz: dirt poet, pizza oven engineer
Local News
March 30, 2016

Matt Baatz: dirt poet, pizza oven engineer

By Christopher Biddle

Matt Baatz

By Christopher Biddle

PITTSFIELD—Matt Baatz estimates that in the past year, he’s logged around 600 hours working on a fully stocked pizza oven made entirely from found and donated materials—in the middle of the woods.