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State News
August 1, 2018

Gray seeking Windsor County Senate seat

By Stephen Seitz

Springfield resident Randy Gray is one of three Republicans hoping to represent Windsor County in the next legislative session.

The other two are Jack Williams of Weathersfield and Wayne D. Townsend of Bethel. They seek to replace incumbent Democrats Alice Nitka (Ludlow),…

State News
April 18, 2018

This is “Mud season” of the legislative session

By Rep. Jim Harrison, R-Bridgewater, Chittenden, Killington & Mendon

As Vermonters well know, especially those of us on dirt roads, we are approaching mud season. It may not be our favorite time of year, but we take solace in knowing that green grass, warmer temperatures…

State News
April 4, 2018

A preview of things to come?

By Rep. Jim Harrison, R-Bridgewater, Chittenden, Killington & Mendon

With six weeks left on the schedule for the 2018 legislative session, we got a glimpse this past week of the potential stumbling blocks prior to conclusion. With new gun legislation largely behind us (S.55 was…

Local News
March 14, 2018

Second half of legislative session begins

By Rep. Jim Harrison, R-Bridgewater, Chittenden, Killington & Mendon

It was great to see so many people at the town meetings in each of the district towns last week. Bridgewater’s meeting was unique in the sense that it was held at the Long Trail Brewery,…

State News
March 7, 2018

Legislative update: Town Meeting week

By Senator Alison Clarkson

It’s Town Meeting week and we are about half way through Vermont’s Legislative Session. We’ve pressed hard to vote out all the priority bills from our Committees in order to meet our “cross over” deadline (that point in the Session when…

State News
February 21, 2018

Legislative updates

Key issues emerging

By Rep. Jim Harrison (Bridgewater, Chittenden, Killington & Mendon)

Jim Harrison

The key issues of the 2018 legislative session are now becoming evident. The Senate approved a minimum wage hike to $15 last week, while at the same time, downplaying a…