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New fitness studio opens in Rutland
Local News
July 23, 2018

New fitness studio opens in Rutland

By Katy Savage RUTLAND—When Kyle Finneron worked as a digital media director at the Mountain Times, he started a body transformation challenge with six people over six weeks. The challenge,…

June 29, 2017

Kyle’s diet advice

By Kyle Finneron Shortly after my last show I had a little fun with my eating before going onto my next preparation cycle or “prep.” I read how some elite…

April 19, 2017

Staying humble, applying tanner

My first men’s physique show By Kyle Finneron “Men’s physique debut, you’re on deck!” the announcer said. The other competitors and I looked at each other in a panic. I…

February 8, 2017

The road to a natural physique

Preparing for the men’s physique category in a bodybuilding competition I have found that I always work better in the gym when I have a date on the calendar to…

January 11, 2017

My first NAGA

By Kyle Finneron There is an old saying: you either win or you learn. Recently, I learned a lot. A few weekends ago I competed in my first grappling competition….

December 21, 2016

Organic—Is it worth it?

By Kyle Finneron Organic is a term that I’m sure most people have heard by now. In the early days of organic foods there were only a few vegetables that…

October 5, 2016

Is stress holding onto fat?

By Kyle Finneron As I was writing my list of reasons people are frustrated at the gym and not losing weight I noticed something. Most of the reasons I was…