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Killington Farmers’ Market wraps up season
Local News
October 25, 2018

Killington Farmers’ Market wraps up season

By Susan Durant

It was a brisk afternoon for the final Killington Farmers’ Market of the 2018 season.  A group of friends thought it was the perfect excuse to explore the trails at Mission Farm and end the afternoon at the market.  Four…

Editors Picks
February 28, 2018

Killington Select Board candidates answer questions

Jay Hickory

Kelly Lange 

Jim Haff

By Polly Lynn Mikula

KILLINGTON— On Monday, Feb. 26, about 30 people attended the Select Board candidates’ forum at the Killington Welcome Center hosted by the Killington Pico Area Association (KPAA). After brief opening remarks by the three candidates—Kelly…

Local News
December 14, 2017

KPAA hosts first holiday festival of the season

By Julia Purdy

KILLINGTON—Killington-Pico Area Association lit up the night Dec. 1 with its 13th annual Festival of Trees, a raffle of fully decorated Christmas trees and food drive. Kicking off the holiday season, the event continued into Saturday, Dec. 2, and included live music,…

Local News
April 7, 2016

Killington previews 2016 summer

By Evan Johnson

KILLINGTON—Winter had its last hurrah Tuesday, snowing in much of the Green Mountains for the entire day. But in the ballroom at the Killington Grand Resort Hotel at Killington Resort, talk was entirely on the coming summer. During the course of the…

February 24, 2016

Get out and vote

Dear Editor,

As the current President of the Killington Pico Area Association, I would like to thank everyone for the efforts in making 2015 a great year. How did we get there, you may ask? We accomplished it by working together; the business community,…

Holiday Festival draws crowds to Killington
Local News
December 29, 2015

Holiday Festival draws crowds to Killington

  Courtesy of KPAA

Santa Claus holds an infant at the Vermont Holiday Festival.

KILLINGTON — On Dec. 4 and 5, the community turned out to enjoy the 11th annual Vermont Holiday Festival at the Killington Grand Resort Hotel. The goal was…