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Rutland South Rotary Club celebrates scholars
News Briefs
May 6, 2016

Rutland South Rotary Club celebrates scholars

Courtesy of Rutland South Rotary Club

Rutland South Rotary Club awarded scholarships to 12 area students last week. Pictured from left to right: Jonah Farrow-MSJ, Mahala Stone-RHS, Courtney Currier-Proctor, Ali Fitzgerald-Stafford, Maddison French-Proctor, Jessica Audy-Mill River, Chelsea Young-Mill River, Claire DiIonno-MSJ,…

News Briefs
December 4, 2015

News Briefs: Rutland Region

By Lani Duke

Rutland City

Where does the water go?

About half the water the Rutland city water plant treats seems to disappear. Of the average 2 million gallons of drinking water the city processes every day, only about half appears on billing statements, Public…