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Op - Ed
September 20, 2017

Sanders’ single payer, fringe or mainstream?

By Jon Margolis, VTDigger

That was an impressive event starring Sen. Bernie Sanders last week, reflecting impressive political progress for him and his allies.

Just a couple of years ago, Sanders couldn’t get a single cosponsor on a bill to create a “Medicare-for-all” single payer health…

Op - Ed
August 2, 2017

A state of satisfaction, with one big exception

By Jon Margolis

Editor’s note: Jon Margolis is a political columnist for VTDigger.

You know who really likes Vermont?


According to a Gallup Poll, 61 percent of the people who live in Vermont say it’s “the best or one of the best possible states to…

Op - Ed
July 12, 2017

Condos is right to defy Trump on voter info

By Jon Margolis

Praising elected officials ought not to be a common practice. They tend to do an adequate job of that themselves, rarely missing an opportunity to tell the world how wonderful they are.

There are times, though, when an elected official deserves the…

Op - Ed
August 18, 2016

“The Vermont Way” to win or lose an election

By Jon Margolis, VTDigger.org OK, Vermont. You’re still special. At least for now, at least when it comes to politics. “Attack ads don’t work here” is the oft-repeated Vermont boast. In other states, Vermonters like to say, candidates can get elected by tearing down their opponents….

August 3, 2016

If this is ‘boring,’ then let’s have more

By Jon Margolis, VTDigger.org

Vermont’s campaign for governor is getting a bad rap.

“Boring, boring, boring” seems to be the general consensus of the political insiders and the professional chatterers alike.

In fairness to the insiders and the chatterers, there is evidence to support their…

June 30, 2016

Why ‘cure’ Vermont’s economy if it isn’t sick?

By Jon Margolis, VTDigger.org

(Editor’s note: Jon Margolis is VTDigger’s political columnist.)

Last week the federal government came out with some new state-by-state economic data, and guess which state looks to be in pretty good shape.

Yep, little ol’ Vermont.

Not that its economy is…

May 6, 2016

Spending less isn’t as simple as it sounds

By Jon Margolis

Editor’s note: Jon Margolis is VTDigger’s political columnist.

Republicans in the Legislature think state government spends too much.

They might be right.

For the last several years, state spending has grown faster than the state’s economy. From 2010 to 2013, Vermont’s gross…

Bernie’s bid is no laughing matter
May 7, 2015

Bernie’s bid is no laughing matter


Don’t laugh. It’s no joke, this Bernie Sanders-for-president business. It is serious politics, serious enough to change the Democratic Party and the national conversation.

If it has not already done so.

Here’s the thing to remember about presidential…