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Op - Ed
June 2, 2018

Vetoing the $15 minimum wage was a good thing 

By Rob Roper

After watching the debate in the State House over the $15 minimum wage it is hard to see how any rational or compassionate person could have, at the end of the day, supported the policy. The potential good that it may have…

Op - Ed
May 16, 2018

Gov. Scott’s line in the sand

By Angelo Lynn

Gov. Phil Scott’s line-in-the-sand mantra not to raise a single tax or a single fee has made politics in Vermont’s capital more strident, divisive and unruly. The irony is that the governor himself is mild-mannered, affable, pragmatic and someone who seems to get…

May 13, 2015

April’s record revenue boost won’t change grim budget outlook

By Anne Galloway, VTDigger.org

Personal income tax receipts for April were the highest ever, according to the Vermont Agency of Administration. With two months left in the fiscal year, Vermont is $26.5 million (2.28 percent) above target, according to state figures. Gov. Peter…