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January 18, 2016

Government needs to work better

By Lee H. Hamilton

Whoever wins next November’s presidential election, it’s a sure bet that at some point he or she will vow to set the federal government on the straight and narrow. It’s a bracing sentiment. But you’ll want to take it with a…

Op - Ed
August 14, 2015

This time was supposed to be different

By Lee H. Hamilton

The most important function Congress serves is to debate and pass the federal budget. I know—it also levies taxes, imposes or relaxes regulations, and once in a while nudges our social, economic or political order in a meaningful way. But the…

July 29, 2015

They’re off and running

By Lee H. Hamilton

The presidential election is 16 months away, but already we’re smack in the middle of the usual media scrum of campaign coverage, prognostication, and strategizing by many who have nothing much to do with the real campaigns. I’ve been following the…