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Op - Ed
January 7, 2016

Blood drive represents best in Rutland County

By Steve Costello

With war, terrorism and violence topping the news pages and newscasts on an almost daily basis, social media and ordinary conversation of late has been rife with disillusionment. For anyone discouraged by national and world affairs, one need look no further than…

November 12, 2014

Gift-of-Life Marathon is community magic

By Steve Costello

When I was a little boy, one of my favorite stories was the folk tale about stone soup. I remember being inspired by the thought that stones could be the key ingredients in what turns out to be a delicious…

Local News
October 22, 2014

Gift-of-Life Marathon becomes 12-day celebration

RUTLAND – The biggest blood drive in America, Rutland’s record-breaking Gift-of-Life Marathon, is about to become the longest.

The revamped “Gift-of-Life Marathon — 12 Days of Giving” will run from Dec. 2 to 16 at sites throughout the Rutland region, and will be…