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Local News
December 6, 2017

Annual Gift-of-Life Marathon helps keep the blood supply strong

New Community Challenge will award winner with sweet treats (maple creemees!) and bragging rights

RUTLAND—Planners of the 2017 Gift-of-Life Marathon blood drive are appealing to the competitive nature of the greater Rutland area with the addition of a Community Challenge that will help…

News Briefs
November 30, 2016

Gift-of-Life Marathon appeals for blood donors

RUTLAND—With opening day of the Gift-of-Life Marathon–12 Days of Giving barely a week away, organizers today issued an urgent appeal for blood donors.

“Appointments are lagging, with well less than half the number of appointments we’d like for the first several days of the event,…

Op - Ed
January 7, 2016

Blood drive represents best in Rutland County

By Steve Costello

With war, terrorism and violence topping the news pages and newscasts on an almost daily basis, social media and ordinary conversation of late has been rife with disillusionment. For anyone discouraged by national and world affairs, one need look no further than…

November 20, 2015

GOLM giving back to the community

Dear Editor,

As a lifelong resident of Rutland, I’ve long appreciated the way this community works together when the chips are down, or when a challenge confronts us as a community.  It’s one of the reasons I love this time of year, when the greater…

GOLM-12 Days of Giving expands community reach, honors Paramount
November 12, 2015

GOLM-12 Days of Giving expands community reach, honors Paramount

About 30 people gathered outside the Paramount Theatre Thursday, Nov. 5, at 12-noon, for a press conference on the 13th annual Gift-of-Life-Marathon and the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the Paramount’s contributions to the national-record-setting drive.

RUTLAND– With an eye toward creating an…