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July 27, 2017

Women and the retirement savings gap

By Kevin Theissen

America Saves, a national campaign that promotes savings, notes significant differences in savings between men and women. A survey showed that women displayed a greater interest in savings, but there was no greater savings effort or savings effectiveness compared to men. But just two years…

Rutland Area Farm and Food Link faces funding gap
Local News
July 26, 2017

Rutland Area Farm and Food Link faces funding gap

By Alan J. Keays, VTDigger

RUTLAND — Rutland Area Farm and Food Link, a nonprofit organization that works to promote local agriculture and educate the public on its value is said to be in limbo.

Rutland Area Farm and Food Link’s last executive director departed…

Altitude Sickness
April 12, 2017

Opening up a nerve gap

So now I have some thinking to do. As I mentioned before, the day after the cortisone shot I was pain free. In the week after I have been in more pain than I was before the shot. They say to give it a couple…