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Local News
August 15, 2018

City ash trees to come down

By Katy Savage

RUTLAND—Back in the mid-1900s, when Dutch Elm Disease wiped out about 77 million elm trees, Vermont towns started replacing the canopy-like trees that lined streets and public parks with something similar—ash trees.

Now, towns are contemplating how to cut down ash trees…

Local News
May 3, 2017

Prevent disease by being “tick smart”

By Susan Durant

Vermont had the highest incidence of Lyme disease in the U.S. in 2013 and, 2015, and the incidence for 2016 should be similar, said Bradley Tompkins, a vector borne epidemiologist at the Vermont Department of Health (VDH). The VDH website lists over 380…

Local News
January 11, 2017

Sick moose sighted in Rutland County

VTF&W is monitoring the animal for possible brainworm disease RUTLAND—A moose that is suspected to have a fatal disease is being monitored in Rutland County. The moose has remained near a road for several weeks and biologists and wardens are checking on the animal for…

Local News
December 1, 2016

Disease claims thousands of turkeys

By Gaen Murphree ORWELL—Hail, flood, drought, plagues of locusts—since ancient times farming has been one of the riskiest of human endeavors. And it still is. Just ask Orwell turkey farmer Peter Stone, who faced devastating losses just as Turkey Day approached. An outbreak of what’s…

The Movie Diary
August 31, 2016

War is hell

By Dom Cioffi As frequent readers of this column know, my reviews tend to be more “diary” than “movie.” I succumbed to this approach years ago when I realized my ramblings about life had a lot more substance than most of the films I was…