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Op - Ed
June 21, 2017

Downtown Rutland continues to evolve, adapt

By Steve Costello

As regular readers may recall, I am a lover of  fables, stories that for generations have carried a message. With the recent news about the purchase of two key downtown buildings by MKF Properties and plans in the work for a variety…

Construction continues in Killington, Mendon, Rochester
Local News
June 14, 2017

Construction continues in Killington, Mendon, Rochester

Route 4, Mendon

Crews are scheduled to continue paving intermediate course on milled surfaces throughout the week of June 12, weather permitting. Paving operations are currently in the vicinity of the Cortina Inn & Resort in Mendon.

Route 4, Killington

Crews have begun work on…

The pole shift continues

By Cal Harrison, a.k.a. “Mother of the Skye”

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Capricorn Moon. This week, let’s skip the preamble; it’s one of those days when the ‘scopes are going to have to justify my existence all by…

Route 4 road work continues, delays expected
Local News
May 3, 2017

Route 4 road work continues, delays expected

By Evan Johnson and Julia Purdy

Delays are expected this week as road work including drainage and milling is scheduled to continue on Route 4 this week. The project is scheduled to last through this spring and summer and covers a distance of roughly 14…

August 10, 2016

Failures to report child abuse continue

Dear Editor, Two independent newspapers, The Indianapolis Star and USA Today, have published a major investigation related to USA Gymnastics regarding the failure of USA Gymnastics to report the suspicion of child sexual abuse by many different coaches over many years. Their failure to follow…