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Op - Ed
August 29, 2018

Will Trump drown in the swamp he created?

By Angelo Lynn

Not since President Richard Nixon has the United States faces the prospect of indicting a sitting president, and not since Nixon has a sitting president been implicated in a felony crime.

In Trump’s case, this first felony allegation relates to failing to…

Op - Ed
May 23, 2018

Rep.Welch slams farm bill

By Angelo Lynn

Republicans in Congress said the tax cuts passed earlier this year would do great things for the economy and help individual Americans.

While most Americans were opposed to it, Republicans nonetheless claimed it to be a huge accomplishment, and told us just…

Local News
December 14, 2017

Rep. Peter Welch discusses the state of Congress

By Michelle Monroe, St. Albans Messenger

As the threat of another government shutdown loomed on Thursday, Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., spoke with the Messenger about what is transpiring in Washington.

“It’s wild,” Welch said, mentioning Jerusalem, impeachment and the House firearms vote, all of which…

Op - Ed
June 14, 2017

Congress needs to reassert itself on use of force

By Lee H. Hamilton

The Trump administration, like its predecessors, has shown an apparent appetite for the use of force overseas. The “mother of all bombs” dropped on Syrian troops, saber-rattling toward North Korea, proposed deployments of U.S. forces in 10 or more countries —…

August 10, 2016

What does Congress need? Your attention!

By Lee H. Hamilton Now that the conventions are over, I know that all eyes are on the fall presidential campaign. But I’m going to ask you to shift your focus a bit, to Congress. Don’t do it as a favor to me. Do it…

News Briefs
May 31, 2016

Vermont House asks Congress to let students file for bankruptcy

With national student loan debt tripling to more than $1 trillion over the past decade and Vermont’s graduates stuck with the highest debt-to-earnings ratio, state lawmakers are urging Congress to let students file for bankruptcy.

On Monday, May 2, members of the Vermont House gave…

Op - Ed
May 20, 2016

Those who know Congress best are shaking their heads

By Lee H. Hamilton

I had the good fortune last week to spend some time in Washington, D.C., with about a dozen former members of Congress. As you’d expect, we got to talking about the current Congress. Very quickly it turned out that the same…

March 9, 2016

Vermont’s right to know is under attack

By Gov. Peter Shumlin

I’ll admit that I don’t understand how Washington D.C. and Congress work most of the time. For years, Republicans in Congress have thrust the institution into perpetual gridlock, so much so that it struggles to fulfill its most basic…