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April 5, 2017

Win-win opportunity in Killington Valley initiative

Dear Editor,

“______ Rolls Down Hill” you’ll hear the old Vermonters yammer. It has been my experience, however, that the main thing rolling downhill from Killington/Pico’s direction toward Rutland… is opportunity. I am a Rutland (city), Vermont native. Born and bred as they say. I…

March 29, 2017


By Jim Haff

I stopped by the Mountain Times on March 22 and asked them to go up to the hill and take a picture. It was an amazing sight! Any of you folks that are doubting Powdr and Killington Resort’s commitment to our ski…

Power to the people!
March 1, 2017

Power to the people!

By Marguerite Jill Dye

A friend on Facebook from South Africa posted a quote that has helped me see it’s time for me to change my focus: “I cannot put it to you more simply than this: As long as you persist in considering the…

February 8, 2017

Is Vermont poor or paradise? Depends on the study

By Jon Margolis, VTDigger

Vermont offers its citizens more opportunity to “access the American dream” than any other state. Vermont is one of the poorest states in the Union. Can both those judgements be correct? No. One of them must be wrong. Maybe both of them.

But just…