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Killington announces $16 million in new investments
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March 1, 2018

Killington announces $16 million in new investments

Resort unveils new/upgraded lifts, improved terrain, and more summer attractions

By Polly Lynn Mikula

KILLINGTON—On Thursday, March 1, approximately 400 people gathered in the Oscar Wilde Ballroom at Killington Grand Resort for a “Resort Update” presented by Mike Solimano, president and GM of Killington…

Spartan Race Results
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September 21, 2016

Spartan Race Results

SPARTAN SPRINT 2016 1. Miles Bartlett         1:11:12 2. Brent Trail        1:11:54 3. Raymond Mendoza      1:13:50 4. Jared Rawson          1:14:48 5. Stephen Vassallo      1:16:48

SPARTAN BEAST 2016 1. Matthew Kempson    3:32:48 2. Ethan Nedeau        3:38:28 3. Benjamin Rodkey  …

Altitude Sickness
September 7, 2016

Beast or Ultra?

I always know I have flipped back into ketosis (fat burning metabolism) when I wake up in the middle of the night with hot skin and high energy. It always happens when the switch flips, and then you sleep like a baby every night after…