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Op - Ed
August 31, 2017

Walls to divide, bridges to unite

By Angelo S. Lynn

Walls to divide, or bridges to unite?

On the campaign trail, politicians of all stripes promise big things — but few were as boastful, wasteful and wrong-headed as “The Donald” was during his run-up to the Republican convention and throughout the general…

Op - Ed
May 18, 2017

Legalizing marijuana: A very savvy bill Gov. Scott can sign

By Angelo S. Lynn

While Gov. Phil Scott’s coup to have the state negotiate teachers’ health care benefits has been the unforeseen show-stopper of this legislative session, that a bill moving toward legalizing marijuana made it to the governor’s desk is one of the session’s…

Op - Ed
March 22, 2017

TrumpCare’s big sin

By Angelo S. Lynn

By now, the biggest sin of the GOP health care bill is well known: it’s a tax cut bill masquerading as a health care plan. Simply put, it takes health care away from lower-income and middle-income Americans who need it most,…

Op - Ed
December 14, 2016

Trump’s mixed messages are all about showmanship

By Angelo S. Lynn

What does it say when President-elect Donald Trump invites Al Gore for a visit to talk about climate change on Monday, then on Wednesday nominates Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency? What does it say when he calls the…

Op - Ed
October 12, 2016

Political bomb hit pre-debate

By Angelo S. Lynn The political bomb that dropped over the weekend did not, as many expected, explode at Sunday night’s second debate between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Rather, it hit Friday night with the release of a video…

Op - Ed
October 5, 2016

It couldn’t happen here

By Angelo S. Lynn Of the many alarming things about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, his sense of entitlement and infallibility and his embrace of totalitarian authority should worry all Americans, and particularly those who are quick to say they cherish their freedom from big…