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News Briefs
July 12, 2017

Rutland addiction doctor faces dozens of drug fraud charges

By Alan J. Keays, VTDigger

RUTLAND —A local doctor and medical practice owner had been engaged in criminal conduct for several years involving prescription and Medicaid fraud, Vermont State Police alleged Monday, July 3.

Dr. Mark Logan, owner of Green Mountain Family Medicine in Rutland,…

April 20, 2016

Time to regulate and educate

If drugs cause addiction, ceasing drug use would cure addiction. It doesn’t. Members of Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous are clean and sober. What’s causing their addiction, the drugs they don’t use? There would be a dose dependent relationship between use and addiction. There isn’t. An…

Op - Ed
January 18, 2016

Finding effective treatment for America’s pain crisis

By Bob Twillman

More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, at an annual cost of $635 billion. That’s more than we spend treating cancer, diabetes, and heart disease combined. Worse, our efforts to treat this pain have led to a significant increase in…

Making the fight against opiate addiction more difficult
Op - Ed
October 2, 2015

Making the fight against opiate addiction more difficult

By Gov. Peter Shumlin

A year and a half ago, I stood up before Vermonters and devoted my State of the State address to speaking about the opiate and heroin crisis affecting our state. Despite our best efforts since, this is not a battle we…