October 22, 2014

Stowe gives Rutland first home game loss of the season

By Maxx Steinmetz

With hopes high after a three game winning streak and home pitch advantage, the Rutland Roosters were confident that although they knew Mad River/Stowe would come with a lot of players, they could give the visitor their first loss of the season.

Unfortunately, hopes seemed to be all the Roosters were playing with for a majority of the game. All ventures into the opposition 22 (the equivalent of the “red zone” in football) were squandered by knock-ons, missed passes or weak rucking.

All the while Mad River would keep the score ticking up as they peppered the game with tries.

The game ended 38-0 with victory going the away of the undefeated, division leading visitors. The Roosters did give them the smallest winning margin thus far this year, so that’s something by way of a consolation prize.

With this loss, Rutland falls to forth place in the standings. They will visit Berkshire Saturday, Oct. 25.

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