May 28, 2015

Spring Fling dance promotes circles of support

Dear Editor,

On Sunday, May 17, ARC Rutland Area again offered a Spring Fling dance for over 60 members, parents and friends of ARC Rutland Area for a fun afternoon of socializing, munching and dancing. Music was provided by Steve Smiel with support from John Saltis and everyone had their fill of pizzas, grinders, beverages and ice cream cups.

We promote ARC Rutland Area by offering programs that are derived from our name: Advocacy, Resources and Community opportunities for people with Developmental Disabilities. ARC helps the local self-advocates become empowered with their monthly meetings and their goals; one is their Abilities Awareness Training. We also help the Rutland Family Support Network with their listserv that gives families the opportunity to connect with each other and organizations. Our better-known activities are the five dances we provide each year, one of which was just put on, the Spring Fling.

The club continues to need community volunteers to help people with developmental disabilities get to, and do, their service projects. There are three part-time employees and two volunteer staff members at ARC Rutland Area.

Once again, we thank all for their assistance in making ARC Rutland Area’s Spring Fling a party of fun and a great place to network. ARC knows that people with developmental disabilities don’t have support circles develop naturally, and at the dances we help people to grow their circles of support by encouraging them to meet someone new.


Lisa S. Lynch, executive director ARC Rutland Area

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