Spartan Race: The Obstacles

If a racer fails to overcome an obstacle, they are required pay a penalty of 30 burpees — a combination exercise consisting of a squat thrust, pushup, ending in a standing position. While each Spartan Race is unique, many of the same obstacles appear at each race. Prior to this year, course maps were kept top secret and part of the challenge was thought to be the unknown elements ahead. However, as of the 2015 Spartan Races, course maps are now on site to help racers plan their strategy — at least at most races.

Barbed wire crawl

through mud under barbed wire. Typically, they range from 20-100+ yards in length.


Racers must climb over a wall, then under a wall, then through a hole placed in a wall.

Spear throw

Athletes must throw a wooden spear into a target, usually made of hay

Wall climb

Racers must climb over a wooden wall. Walls typically are 4-8 feet tall and are often in sequence.

Object carry

Typically a log, rock-filled bucket, or sandbag.

Herculean Hoist

A sandbag is lifted off the ground using a pulley system.

Tyrolean Traverse

Traversing a single rope that is hung horizontally between two posts or trees, often over a pond, river or other water element.

Traversal Wall

The traversal wall is similar to a bouldering wall, but will rectangular wooden blocks.

Slippery Wall

A wall built at an incline (roughly 45 degrees) that is covered in soap or grease.

Hobie Hop

A thick rubber band is placed around the ankles and participants hop through 20+ tires in a row

Log Jump

Logs are arranged in a zig-zag pattern at varying heights and participants have to hop on them without touching the ground.

Stump Balance

Hopping across mud covered small stumps without falling off.

Rope Climb

A rope is hung over a body of water/mud with a bell installed at the very top. Participants must “ring the bell” before climbing down.

Rolling Mud

A steep mud hill followed by deep pits of water, repeating 3-6 times.

Tractor Pull

A 50-pound cement block hooked to a chain that you must drag through the mud around a small track.

Dunk Wall

A large wooden wall placed just on the surface of the water forcing you to swim or crawl under.

Atlas Carry

Picking up a mud covered Atlas Stone off of the ground and carrying it a set distance, then setting the stone down and performing a specific number of Burpees then you must carry the stone back to where you started.

Tire Flip

Flipping a large tractor tire over a predetermined amount of times.

Monkey Bars

A series of elevated bars that you must swing across without falling to the ground. Sometimes of varying widths and heights apart.

Rope Swing

A rope placed before a small body of water that you must swing across without dropping into the water.

Fire jump

Typically just before the finish-line.

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