January 15, 2015

Sit-in highlights health costs

Dear Editor,

On Jan. 8, I participated in a sit in at the Vermont Statehouse. I participated in this sit in because co-pays and deductibles have made it impossible for me to get adequate care to relieve my chronic pain. We have a law, Act 48, that requires our state government to create a healthcare system for all Vermonters so they don’t have to suffer (and even die) because of a lack of healthcare. Treating healthcare as a public good would mean a healthier Vermont. It would also mean less cost to the healthcare system overall because with preventative medicine, we can all be healthier. I occupied the VT Statehouse because I believe that we must move forward with creating a universal healthcare system, and call on our legislators to stand up for what is right. The time is now.


Stauch Blaise, East Randolph

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