February 2, 2016

Roosters strut their stuff at annual formal

Roosters strut their stuff at annual formal

By Flip Buttling

Dan Paolino was the recipient of the “Chuck T. Anderson Award” this year. The award is given to a player who demonstrates service to the club on and off the pitch.

By Maxx Steinmetz

To celebrate the 2015 season, the Rutland Rugby Football Club held its annual formal and dinner at the Moose Club in Rutland, Saturday, Jan. 23.

In addition to thedinner, awards were divvied out. As voted by peers the awards are as follows:

Rookie of the Year: Rick Suhr

Most Improved: Maxx Steinmetz

Most Valuable: Peter “Pepsi” Dayton

Chuck T. Anderson Award: Dan Paolino

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