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September 7, 2016

Prepare for a rocky road ‘til Halloween

By Cal Garrision, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye
This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Scorpio Moon, in the aftermath of a New Moon eclipse, with a chorus of background aspects that could go either way, depending on how well we are able to assess our emotional responses. As far as that goes, the extent of the craziness will reflect the extent to which we are walking our talk.
With a conjunction between the Sun and the North Node of the Moon, at the 12th and 13th degrees of Virgo, chances are the impetus to take the high road will be augmented by the Virgoan need to be perfect enough in every situation to always and only want to do the right thing. Let’s hope its opposite effect doesn’t make it too hard to see through other people and their bullshit. We live in interesting times so have enough street smarts to tell the difference between what’s fake and what’s real.
There is a lot we could talk about. What interests me the most is an opposition between Pluto and the asteroid Vesta. The textbooks tell us that this aspect generates big changes in the work arena. It suggests that at the cultural level we are at the effect of large scale changes/influences, that have a tendency to “wipe us out” in an impersonal way. This implies that there could be sweeping changes in the culture at large that trickle down and make life harder than it has to be, all the way around.
At the personal level, Vesta opposing Pluto brings about situations in which “work” is used to come out on top, or remain on top, of our issues. In its most mundane expression it generates scenarios where work is the bone of contention, one way or another. An awareness of this factor allows us to see the extent to which this aspect of our lives gets used manipulatively, as a control device in our relationships with ourselves, as well as others.
On a global level, this aspect can be dangerous. Watch and see how the next few weeks unravel. The tenterhooks upon which everything appears to be hanging are ready to snap. A waxing square from Astraea to both Pluto and Vesta points in this direction. Astraea is the Fate who makes the final cut when any situation finally reaches an end. How things go will be anyone’s guess.
Those who keep saying we are blessed with multiple forms of divine intervention tell us that everything will turn out just fine, no matter how bad things get. From what we’ve seen so far it looks like they just might be right—the next month and a half will be where it all comes out in the wash. On the heels of the latest eclipse, with the Fall Equinox only a few weeks away, everything that comes to pass between now and Halloween relies heavily on the right use of our free will in the face of changes that could rock everything to the core. Keep that in mind, and enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.

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