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Killington select board meeting highlights, Nov. 19

The Meeting was called to order at 7.30 p.m.
Elizabeth Kohler, an attorney representing AT&T, answered questions and addressed concerns regarding plans to construct and install a new wireless communication facility off Brad Mead Drive. The Selectboard was undecided in their recommendation and requested Kohler return in two weeks time, to address further concerns.
Regarding an Amendment to the Zoning Bylaws, below West Hill, Bianchi referenced the Public Hearing held a month ago, and asked if there was anything to add from concerned citizens. Butch Findeisen said, "This is a positive business direction for the town, not detrimental. Prosperous businesses provide a service for tourists."
The zoning bylaws state that a restaurant is not permitted from Anthony Way to Johnny Boys, and do not extend into any residential zones. Patty McGrath noted that certain things have not been considered, "The density of new businesses could necessitate putting in sidewalks and we have to take into consideration how this will affect the town's infrastructure."
The Selectboard unanimously passed motion to accept Expense and Revenue Reports for October 2013. The Town Manager updated the 2014 proposal by increasing it from $685,000 to $705,000.
Golf Course is fully funding its capital plan and the Town Manager explained the decision to commit to transferring $50,000 to a debt plan, and make that standard operating procedure. If the Golf Course has a profitable year then more debt will be paid off at the disgression of the Selectboard.
The Town Manager informed Selectboard that $25,000 had been added to the Walkway Fund to repair existing walkway, and for replacement and repair of lights.
Killington Fire and Rescue presented their increased budget from $125,000 to $225,000, depending upon plans for a new space for the Fire Department. President, Steve Finer, told the Selectboard that equipment maintenance in the past has not been realistic and that there will be a need for replacing the 'tower' truck in 2019. The Board suggested increasing appropriation while paying for expenses.
Police Constable Montgomery set out some of the future goals for the Police Dept.; community outreach; connecting with Killington Elementary School, the Rotary Club, Killington Women's Club, the Senior's Club, putting more officers on the road, facilities and equipment maintenance, establishing protocol for storing drugs/weapons, finalizing operational policies regarding vehicle pursuit, hiring policy, unbiased policing policy and its sexual harassment policy.
Montgomery said, "We are setting the groundwork and foundation for a new department and it is very important to have all these things in place."
There were a number of increases in the budget plan, based on stated goals and strategies of a police department. A new line item was 'office rent', to create a facility for storage of drugs or guns, as well as creating a space for office work. The new facility would include a 24-hour phone answering service, offering an immediate response that residents can depend on.
Bernie Rome expressed concern about raising the budget. Montgomery pointed out that he did not raise the budget for first year after creating the police department, the costs were actually lower than projected, and the costs the new budget proposes are well within industry standards. The budget increase Montgomery requested was 38 percent over last year, or $27,000.
Motions passed to renew liquor licenses for First Class Pinnacle Spa and Lounge and a new First Class Liquor License for Back Country, previously Johnny Boys.
The Town Manager's Report included the development of a capital plan for Route 4 Sewer, the upgrade of Alpine Drive, Killington Road construction and the replacement of two of the largest culverts (the project is supported by $120,000 grant received from AOT).
The next Selectboard Meeting will be held on Dec. 3.