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Douglas crowned as NCAA Statistical Champion in lacrosse

POULTNEY - Control, control, control. Coaches often can be heard preaching this advice to their players on the field during practice, games or in a chalk talk. In women's lacrosse, the meaning of the word goes beyond what players do to control their actions or emotions; it's literally part of the game.

At the beginning of each half and after virtually every goal is scored, two women meet inside the draw circle to compete for who will maintain possession of the ball. The scenario is similar to a jump ball in basketball. The referee places a lacrosse ball between each player's crosse and the two opposing players vie for control of the ball.

The terminology used when the draw is won is "draw control".

In 12 contests last season, Green Mountain outdrew its opponents by a 165-106 margin, which translates to a 61 percent success rate. The Eagles' key to this dominance was their junior draw control artist, Johanna Douglas. 

Of the 165 draw controls won by the Eagles last season, Douglas was responsible for 129 or 78 percent of them. That number put her into the upper echelon of all NCAA players. Douglas was so proficient at controlling draws she was recognized by the NCAA as the number one player in all of Division III in draw controls per contest with 10.75. In fact, her performance in the circle last year put her at the top of all NCAA players, regardless of division.

For being the best draw control artist in the nation, Douglas received a plaque highlighting the feat and when the administration, coaching staff and student-athletes met on Monday, Oct. 8.  As a side note, Douglas also ranked sixth in all of Division III in ground balls per contest (5.42) last year as well.

Douglas' accomplishment is unrivaled in the history of Green Mountain College women's lacrosse. In fact, she is the only female student-athlete from any sport to receive such an award by the NCAA.