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BCO Disc Golf: Gone to the dogs

I have to say Base Camp Outfitters Disc Golf has gone to the dogs, literally. Many of our loyal Sunday league members have been joined by their four legged companions for weeks now. I think the pups are having more fun then the disc golfers, sometimes, which is a feat! They do not care if you throw the disc deep into the woods or well into the swamp. Sue Bear is famous for tracking down her master's disc and rolling all over it especially after she has rolled around in some other animals scat - yes, that could be moose, deer, bear or even another dogs scat.  Sophie is the old girl who loves disc golf the most. She will hang with any group and loves every dog on the course. Then there is Polly. We call him (yes, him) Paulie, because it is the right thing to do. He is the puppy in the group and he too loves to roam the course for anyone that appears to be having more fun than his group. Arlo came to play last weekend and he seemed to really attract the girls. We love to have pups around as long as they all get along and do not bother any of the players. (The policy is really no different for canines as it is for some of our members.)

Ok, let's get to the golf. It is now becoming very obvious that if you want to break into the top ten you better bring your "A" game. This is the second week in a row where nine out of the top ten tags came to play and they do not give up their tags easily. Spencer has defended the number one tag for over two plus weeks now and once again fired a great round. One under par for a 53, however, it was not good enough to retain the number one tag this week. Pat M has been playing great golf lately and this day would be no different. Pat carded a 49, five under, to regain the coveted number one tag. For the first time in many weeks Dave L was knocked off the leader board making room for Mac to re-enter the top group. Our DFL player has been MIA for a couple weeks now so no changes there. It won't be long before our only female player, Ash breaks into the top ranks. She has been knocking for weeks now.

Sunday league continues to have a very strong turnout. The buzz about the BCO league has attracted the attention from some of the top players from up north. I expect we will be seeing some of these players in the next few weeks, especially with the Vermont State Championship coming in September.

Lingo of the week: "Tombstone," this is when a disc sticks in the ground standing straight up on it's edge.