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Grants allow Castleton to get the job done

CASTLETON-Warming weather means the start of construction projects for the town of Castleton. Two grants were awarded by the Vermont Agency of Transportation for $175,000 each to complete needed repairs along Creek Road surrounding Green Dump as well as the anticipated Grady Bridge project.

An informational meeting has been set for Monday, May 13 to discuss the project outline for Grady Bridge as well as its anticipated repair schedule. This meeting is open to the public and begins at 6 p.m.

Numerous paving projects will be underway in the upcoming months. Approximately $500,000 has been designated to repave trouble areas. Creek Road from the south side of Green Dump and Drake Road from Route 4A West to the overpass bridge will be completely repaved. In addition portions of Pine Street, Pine Street Loop, Staso Road and Sand Hill Road will also be paved. The town highway crew will be working to repair culverts and road shoulders along Rice Willis Road, which is currently scheduled to begin later this summer. Plans to widen Barker Hill Road have also been scheduled. Street sweeping and line painting will begin in the next few weeks.

A sewer collection system blockage along Route 30 north caused a backup in the ditch area near Crystal Beach. The line was flushed and the site has since been treated with a disinfectant solution to ensure cleanliness.

Plans to purchase an additional generator for the Bomoseen station at Prospect Point have been approved by the select board and quotes are being considered. The current generator will be moved to the main pump station on Main Street, which has proven to be a weak area during times of emergency.

With the end of the college year nearing, Town Manager Charles Jacien met with, Dave Wolk, president of Castleton State College and Dennis Proulx, dean of students. The group discussed the safety of students and residents alike in the upcoming weeks. It was decided that the Castleton Police Department along with the college's public safety team will work together to ensure a safe environment is maintained.

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