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New documentary heralds the power of Cow Poop

Dairy farms across the USA are going out of business, but hidden in Vermont is an alternative fuel source that could change the nation.

In an effort to continue our way of life, a race has begun to find the best sources of alternative energy. One of those sources comes from a very curious process: Cow Power.

Cow Power: The Film, a new investigative documentary, focuses on the history and science behind the Green Mountain Power Cow Power project, the world's only utility offering electricity created from cow manure.

The film will reveal the heartwarming story behind the project, which has mobilized a community of devoted Vermonters and business owners hell-bent on ensuring its success. The program has gained support from major local businesses including LongTrail brewery, Vermont Clothing Company and Green Mountain College.

This unique energy initiative provides grants and technical support to local Vermont dairy farmers who choose to install anaerobic methane digesters on their farms in an effort to reduce electricity costs and carbon footprints.
The fight to garner support for the program is growing across the nation, spurred on by the efforts of the Cow Power: The Film documentary team. The crew behind the movie and their corresponding initiative, the MOOvement ,have been heralded by several Hollywood executives such as Jason Brubaker, Hollywood producer and founder of Filmmaking Stuff, and Rick Allen, CEO of SnagFilms.

If implemented across the country, Cow Power has the potential to cover 10% of the nation's energy needs. Allison Gillette, Producer and Director of Cow Power: The Film, was recently asked to speak at U.S. Dairy Sustainability Summit, where she presented to industry leaders on the importance of promoting this initiative.

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