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BRANDON-The Brandon Lights Committee, a volunteer citizen group, has assessed all street lighting in Brandon and Forestdale. Their goal is to improve street lighting quality while becoming more energy efficient and saving taxpayers significant dollars.

Every street light has been evaluated according to criteria developed by lighting professionals and adopted by the Brandon Selectboard. To be retained, all street lights must be in the public interest for safety or collective aesthetics, as follows:

1.    Vehicular and pedestrian safety, including:

•    Busy intersections   

•    High-traffic roadways

•    Pedestrian crosswalks   

•    Railroad crossings   

•    Sharp curves   

•    Locations of high night-to-day accident ratios

•    Public facilities used after dark such as public walkways, parks, or recreation areas
•    Street-side areas, such as school bus stops or municipal buildings, where there is a regular congregation of people after sunset or before sunrise.

2. Ambiance & Aesthetics

•    Downtown business district (general, not individual)

•    Areas with relatively high nighttime pedestrian traffic such as near parks or restaurants
Lights that do not meet these criteria will be recommended to the Selectboard for removal. Every light removed will save energy and approximately $150/year in taxpayer dollars. All remaining lights will then be changed from incandescent to LED (light-emitting diode) fixtures by CVPS at no cost. New fixtures will save 50-75% in energy use and will cost taxpayers 20% less than present lights. They will also give a "cleaner" and clearer light, with less light pollution of our night skies.

The Committee is very interested in citizen comment during this process. The location of all street lights being considered for removal is public information and may be found in the Brandon Reporter, February 8, 2012; at the annual Brandon Town Meeting, March 5, 2012; or in the Brandon Free Public Library. Additionally, the pole holding each light being considered for removal will be posted with a bright orange notice.

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