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A master watercolorist teaches color and energy

Peter Huntoon has been a watercolor painter since 1994 and is known for his colorful pictures of Rutland. He creates representational works of art inspired by the New England landscape and its people and regularly exhibits throughout Vermont.  His paintings appear in collections across the United States, Canada and Europe.

"My passion is art and painting. I love to explore the possibilities of a subject and consider what could, or should be. I believe it's the job of the artist to express the truth and essence of our world… I tend to seek the very same attributes in art as in life; a positive perspective, unity, harmony, and balance," reads Huntoon's artist statement.

Last June, the Killington Arts Guild was fortunate to have Peter Huntoon as a workshop leader. Sally Curtis participated in Huntoon's class and wrote the following about her experience being taught by a master watercolorist:

"One can be with Peter Huntoon over and over again and continue to gain insights and confidence in a very personal way as he engages his audience with his demonstrations of techniques all the while talking about the process and encouraging experimentation."

KAG - Peter _Huntoon 's _Workshop _6-11_041

Photos courtesy of Patsy Zedar
Peter Huntoon gives workshops for Killington Arts Guild in the Upstairs Gallery.
Both works of art pictured were created at the workshop last April.


Curtis also saw techniques to inspire her own work. "In his presentation he considers composition, materials, the painting process and a multitude of techniques. His use of a palette knife to make fine calligraphic additions to a painting was awesome," she said.

Many Guild members remember Huntoon painting demonstrations - he talked with his back to the audience using a mirror to paint at the same time. "He starts a painting on a water-saturated canvas with a large splash of bright color. Perhaps a yellow or orange, and the viewer's wonder how it fits into his sketch. However, when the painting is complete the original splash creates a glow that peeks out among the other colors and images.  There is an energizing current in the room," Sally Curtis remembers.

Peter Huntoon's workshops are a special events. We are fortunate to have him coming to Killington again this spring. Consider joining us to participant-it could be the experience of a lifetime.

KAG Watercolor Workshop with Peter Huntoon April 28-29, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.  $150 members; $160 non-members. To register go to www:; to contact this column

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